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Posted on: December 3, 2010 10:55 pm

Sorry Matt Cassel and other random thoughts!

Matt Cassel proved me way wrong. I wrote back on Sep 19, that I thought Brodie Croyle was better than Cassel after I attended one Chiefs training camp session. I am here to say that I am not affiliated with NFL scouting for a reason. Cassel I'm sorry for doubting you. Just deliver in December and I will buy your Jersey the next time I fly home to KC. Seven is my favorite number anyway, so it won't be too much of a stretch.
I officially hope LeBron never wins a title. The "Decision" is the reason. I don't care that he left Cleveland it was the way he did it.
The Kansas City Chiefs are in first place!!!!!! Yes!
College Hoops is back and Duke looks like they could and should go undefeated in 2010-2011!. Coach K is the best coach in any sport. Too bad he is not the Miami Heat coach...they would be undefeated if he were.
I have a Michael Vick jersey I had made for me in Korea a few years back (Falcons), I am so glad I kept it because he will be the next black QB to win a Super Bowl. (Sorry V. Young you are proving to be nothing more than a black Jeff George at this point)
The Kansas Jayhawks show no signs of relinquishing the crown!
Matt Ryan should be the NFL MVP if Vick doesn't win it. I think a fair exchange would be Vick is the comeback player of the decade and give Matty Ice the MVP.

USA doesn't get a world cup but I think they need to focus on winning one and screw being the host. Of course the USA is a great place to host this world wide tournament. We have stadiums galore and now that we are 20+ years into the digital age...the USA will take the World Cup to levels it has never seen as far as coverage goes.

So, Randy Shannon cleans up the Miami program, wins games but not in a big way but still ends up on the positive side and gets shafted for not winning everything. Shannon had the kids long term interest at heart and wanted to win but unfortunately he is not still playing. 


Posted on: November 22, 2009 7:05 pm

Great Win Kansas City Chiefs

This is so nice. I missed the 1st quarter but watched virtually every down today and this was a good game. The Chiefs did some things on both sides of the ball that made me believe they may have at least 4 to 5 more wins in them. With the exception of Brian Waters (G) the Chiefs are really young. But that youth really showed some signs of growth today. The thing I like the most is the front office. Scott Pioli is not just planning for next year he is trying to piece together something positive this year. Chris Chambers, Leonard Pope (catch the ball with your hands please) and some other key additions are helping this young team understand what it means to stay in it till the end.

Todd Haley looks like he could be the key to getting this team to the playoffs and more importantly to a playoff win. I really believe the Chiefs have a shot in the next two years to win this division. The AFC West is ripe for the pickings in the next couple of years. I think the Broncos will make some moves in the draft via trades and so forth to lock up one of these QBs coming out this year. But the Chiefs really just need to shore up the Defense.

My wish is they do something with some athletic safeties/secondary folks. They need to break the bank on O linemen and and they really need to scout out linebackers both in free agency and the draft. Do the Chiefs need more RB's? Probably but I think a couple of guys in the college game would be okay just to be able to change it up between J Charles who is really good and just needs a line that can block.

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