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Posted on: March 14, 2010 5:03 pm

What happens after March Madness?

This may be the best time of year if you are a follower of the two most popular sports in the US. That is, the NFL and NCAA Division I Basketball. I say NFL still now in March because of the best programming in the history of TV; NFL NETWORK. I watch it all, the combine, path to the draft, AFL History (Full Color Football)...all of it. And now we will have the NFL Draft in primetime where it belongs.

And the madness...need I say more? NO! After the selection committee tonight I look forward to studying and making the picks and then the agony of waiting till Thursday for the first flurry of games.
What happens after April 5th? Well hopefully for me my JAYHAWKS will be on their way back to Lawrence, KS with yet another title in two years and I can start looking forward to the next stellar recruits that will keep KU on top for many years.

Then we have the NFL draft. Great class of new players coming out, with QB's in Bradford, McCoy, Tebow, Clausen, Pike, the kid from West Virginia (who I think will be a steal in the later rounds) and then the DT's and absolute best crop of RB's in a long time. There will be much to talk about and debate on these pages.
Then we have what??? Baseball. I can't bear to think about it sometimes. I follow baseball only because ESPN pretty much makes you follow it and then it is all about the NY v BOS rivalry. Baseball is ridiculous and they can blame ESPN for the non-stop Yankees and Red Sox worship. All that supposed journalistic talent and money at ESPN and all they can manage year in and year out is to cover two teams. Oh, well.

I for one will be playing a lot of golf this spring and summer while I wait on Football to come back.

As for the NBA; I may watch some of the NBA, just to see how Kevin Durant is able to do in the playoffs because I think he is by far the most promising young player in the game and will likely win title(s). Kobe is actually on the downside of his career. Am I crazy? Maybe but my man has been playing hard since he was eighteen and the wear and tear will get to him eventually. Durant has so much upside it is crazy to think about and as much as I like LeBron James, for some reason I just don't see him winning multiple rings. I think the rest of the league is really good and there are some good, actually fantastically talented players on teams like the Grizzlies, Nuggets, Hawks and Thunder that are going to make it very difficult for LeBron to just dominate the way Jordan did in the nineties. And don't sleep on the Spurs they just keep chugging along and Manu, Timmy D and Parker still have some years left in the tank.

Summed up April to August is ho-hum with minor flare ups of good stuff to watch. But I am readying myself for 4 month hiatus (so to speak) while we await the next NFL and College Football season.

Have fun with the Brackets ladies and gentlemen!!
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