Posted on: June 1, 2011 10:04 pm

SHAQ...What Else!

This makes me nostalgic, for the early nineties. When Mike retired then unretired, then retired and unretired with the Wizards and then just got sent packing by Abe Polian (don't know if I spelled that right and don't feel like checking) it just ain't the same.
Now we have a true GIANT (literally) of the game goes out in style.

No we did not have a farewell tour like Dr J. Yeah I was around for that. But we got Shaq Diesel on twitter and the internet saying his farewell on his terms with a great legacy. One of the most dominant big men ever. He absolutely ruled the paint and the court and everything he touched. Shaq's greatness as a force on the floor will be debated but I think it is solidly the best. He contended against many more centers and elite big men than Wilt or Russel ever had to face. The Shaq era NBA was more physical and athletic and Shaq still played like a man among boys most nights and he did it with a sense of humor unparalleled.

We will miss you Shaq. The BIG DOMINATOR!

That is the last nickname he alone deserves.

Until of course we have to give it up to Blake Griffin 20 years from now!!!
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Posted on: May 15, 2010 9:54 pm

Fired Coaches

I want to let loose on this topic. Anybody else with me?

Mike Woodson, Atlanta Hawks, improves his winning percentage every year, is building a young team and keeps winning and competing at a high level and gets to the playoffs and, oh my GOD, his team (the players) don't show up for the event against the defending Eastern Conference Champions and they get swept.

Must be the coach?

What a CROC of ___!!!!

At the end of the day, the players have to play. They have to want it and they have to execute. The coach worked his *&^ off for six years and continually put these players in position to compete for the prize and this year they (the players) laid an egg and now Woodson, one of the best coaches out there that has connected with this new generation of high priced wannabes gets FIRED!

Winning titles is HARD! If it wasn't, we would see the Grizzlies instead of always seeing the Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Bulls at the end of the day. LeBron can't even do it and we are supposed the believe that Woodson is supposed to take Josh Smith, Crawford and Jump Shooter extraordinarre Joe Johnson to the promised land? Give me a break. Your entire organization has to be clicking and making all the right personell moves in addition to coaching and actual playing the game on the court for all this to work.

This is pathetic.
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