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Posted on: March 25, 2011 10:18 pm

Kansas Jayhawks first chance to be challenged?

The title game! Whoever survives the other regions will meet the Jayhawks. What that means is the title game will see the most complete team in America in every phase of the game play someone who might be good in one or two areas.
Scenario 1. Ohio St...very good and Senior laden but not as well coached, does not shoot as good a percentage and is not known for shut down defense. KU does all things well. Issue for KU is they could see an Ohio St team that they can't get a big double digit lead on and just hangs around all game with lead changes and potential foul trouble for Morris twins and or Thomas Robinson that would really impact the Jayhawks ability to play comeback if that were even necessary. Issue for Ohio St is they could start cold and just never recover because you will not get open looks for Lighty, Sullinger will be playing hard on defense (or not) and may not be able to contribute significant points and KU is the leader in the nation in field goal % so the bet is that they will score win you can't and will be in the lead most of the time putting more pressure on you to force the issue and make mistakes and KU will capitalize.

Scenario 2. Arizona...I don't like this one. Arizona is young but very good. Reminiscent of '97 when Miles Simon and Mike Bibby killed the Jayhawks that had basically an NBA squad with Paul Pierce, Jacque Vaughn, and Raef Lafrentz. However I think KU is deep enough and skilled enough to defend Derrick Williams and not allow a 25 point half the way Duke did and should win a close one.

Scenario 3. UCONN...Stop Kemba Walker! period. KU can do this and UCONN really has no answer and is not deep enough to hang with KU

Scenario 4. North Carolina....My desire would be to see these two in a title game and to see Self dismantle the Tar Heels who are playing above their heads right now.

Bottomline....The Jayhawks are the best team in the nation and will hoist the trophy making this whole discussion just that, discussion!

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