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Posted on: January 15, 2011 10:15 pm


This (*&^#@$# nonsense has to stop. The return by the Ravens for a touchdown that got called back for a hold was totally and completely bogus. The blocker was in front and PUSHED the steeler forward and down. IT'S CALLED BLOCKING YOU MORONS!!!!

When you block the player you block might actually fall down and it is not because you held or did anything illegal. This turned the tide in that game. I'm not a Ravens fans. I am from Kansas City and will go to my grave a Chiefs fan, no matter how inept they are in the playoffs, so this is not some B'more fan whining in my beer.

Officiating (bad officiating) is having too much of an impact on these games. During a return if you throw a flag it better be an actual hold, block in the back or clip. If a player is just blocked straight up and happens to fall then OH WELLLLLLLL!. 

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