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Posted on: March 20, 2011 12:53 am

Note to NFL Players

Wake up. The NFL is an industry and they have a collection of men with money that have put up personal wealth to OWN a team. You are PLAYERS (HIGHLY PAID) and essentially employees. Not quite employees in the sense of the myriad other employees that work throughout the year to make sure that fans like me can enjoy football but you are employees nonetheless. Quit fantasizing with this notion that you have some inherent right to see any and all financial informtion from ownership.
You players have a commodity or two that the owners pay for to produce results and generate revenue. You don't get to call all the shots and you are not equal partners. This is not a democracy you are in, it is a MONARCHY! Deal with it!
Not all of you are superstars and not all make the insane money; however, you all play a game by choice and even if you can't do anything else productive but play this game, you are not owed everything that you claim to be owed.
It is kind of sad that so many people and so much of this nations economy is caught up in what is supposed to be just entertainment.
Part of me understands what players want and think they are entitled to but another part of me just doesn't understand. The ridiculous crap about being slaves is a serious delusion and Adrian Peterson should have his head examined for even uttering the words much less even thinking that making $10 million a year to play a game is analagous to SLAVERY. He is young and apparently not very bright, but come on!
The violent nature of the game and the way you all put yourselves out there to perform must make you feel entitled to more but it still comes down to the fact that you have other choices. Lets say you all man up and earn a normal living like me and all the rest of the fans who eke it out in this world on much less than the league minimum.
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