Posted on: August 29, 2011 10:20 pm

Tiger Woods!

So...Tiger is playing in the Frys.com cup or whatever this late season tournament is calling itself. SO WHAT!!!!
Tiger really is not news anymore except that some in the sports journalism world feel we must talk about his tigerness once a week. I am one of the crowd that believes with much deep conviction that mr woods will never win again. Tiger, for all the crap he shoved down our throats for years...has no intestinal fortitude. He has folded, thrown in the towel. Completely based on a situation that Tiger completely created on his own. Mr Woods is done!
He cannot and will not recover. You can see it in his eyes. I don't think he will come anywhere close to challenging Jack Nicklaus (but four short ain't bad) and 72 wins is pretty damned phenomenal. Having said all that this is my take on El Tigre!!!

Tiger will challenge at the Masters and will likely come close several times but he will never win.
The stupidity of how he conducted himself, requires that he should not recover. 

Tiger WAS the most recognizable sports figure on the planet in November 2009. He had just won the Aussie Masters and had just given an interview discussing the virtues of being virtuous. He was on the Dec 2009 cover of Golf Digest with an image of Obama...who at the time was the toast of the world.

For those of you in the know...check out GANGSTARR single called PLAYA...nuff said; or not. Basically....playa...things were going your way...playa...you lost it all in one day...playa...the best advice is free...playa...now you're your own worst enemy.

You gotta hear the song/rap to really get the full gravity of how this relates to El Tigre!

It is over...time to follow that cat the just won the PGA Championship. Even though I could look it up right now I won't because that shows how insignificant everyone is if your name aint' TIGER!

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