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Posted on: January 15, 2011 9:50 pm

2011 Kansas City Chiefs

Lot of swirl going around after Jason Whitlock made his comments about Todd Haley. Whitlock thinks Haley has some kind of mental hang up and is not a good fit as a head coach. I guess we will find out this year if that is true. Charlie Weiss leaving could be Weiss wanting to get himself back into college football somehow because he may feel as if he (weiss) has unfinished business on that level. Whitlock postulates that Haley forced him out with his inability to accept anyone other than himself making critical offensive calls in a game.
I think Whitlock is on to something in some respects about Haley. Haley's first year seemed as if everything was all about himself and what he looked like as a coach on the field. He berated players, didn't want to interact with players, even after good plays and he always is trying to make demonstrative gestures to get the camera on him during games. Maybe Weiss just doesn't like that kind of coach and decided to move on. On the other hand Crennel seems okay but that is probably because he is on defense and Haley doesn't care about the defense as much.
If Haley wants to be the play caller then just say so. One thing any team needs is to know what the hell the baseline is! Make a decision and just go with it. Maybe the Chiefs can just get a QB coach for Cassel and Haley can do what he did in Arizona and call plays. Hire an assistant head coach to help with other stuff and let Haley focus on the Offense during the week and when the Chiefs have the ball during games.

Needs: The Chiefs need one or two more linebackers to complement Derrick Johnson. They need two more receivers and good ones (not stellar) to help Dwayne Bowe. They also need a plan to replace Thomas Jones because one more decent (not great) year is all your likely get out of Jones.

Hopefully the Chiefs have a plan. There is no reason why they should take a step backwards. They played hard most of the time but consistency and purpose were lacking. Blowouts by division opponents can not happen if you expect to be great.
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