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Posted on: September 19, 2010 9:32 pm

2010 Football (Professional)

What do we know after week one? Not a whole lot...but wait, we know that the Cowboys we definitely overrated by overpaid ex-players that occupy cushy analyst positions all over the regular media. It is early but I think:

The Texans are serious! Coming back in DC after McNabb has one of the best days of his career is significant.
The Chiefs can contend in the AFC West if Eric Berry ($50M) can figure out how to not get burned deep. The Chiefs are clearly focused on not letting teams run on them but you still need to defend the pass. Oh by the way; I went to Chiefs training camp and believe strongly that Brodie Croyl is BETTER than Cassel.
The Jets might actually repeat
The Redskins need to figure out how to run the ball because McNabb is not going to play this well every game and he is very likely to get injured. BTW I sincerely hope Trent Williams (OU) is okay. He has been playing extremely well to this point and I hope he can come back.
Tom Brady...cut that hair!
The Steelers will be undefeated when Big Ben comes back.
Even though I hate the Raiders, Gradkowski is the man!
Brett Favre has to be wishing he was in Mississippi right now watching Direct TV instead of being featured on NFL PrimeTime as the guy who just got JACKED UP?!
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